April Newsletter post

Greetings Church!  I am very excited as we get closer and closer to Easter about what God can do and will do in a few weeks.  As we get closer to Easter, the burden of praying for Revival, restoration, and new life in our city and community has gotten deeper.  As people of God, we need also to be people of prayer.  I personally want to challenge each of us to pray hard over this next month.  I would also like to challenge each of you (as you are able health wise) to pick a day a week to fast and pray at lunch.  I am going to be fasting on Thursdays during lunch.  Isaiah 58 talks about how the Israelites fasted to be seen by God, but it didn’t change their hearts.   They just did it as a ritual.  God calls us when we fast to lay down something meeting our physical needs to seek out and put a priority on our spiritual needs.  The hunger we feel then, should remind us of the hunger we need to have for Jesus and His word.  Isaiah 58:6 shows us that true fasting in a humble heart, with our eyes turned the Lord, the oppressed go free, the bonds of sin are broken, and revival through repentance happens.  Here is what we need to pray for.  1.  People’s hearts during this easter season to be turned to God, and that we might see the fruit of that in our church.  2.  Revival for our church, city, state, country, and world.  God is doing something, may we be honored to be a part of it.  3.  The search team as we look for the next worship pastor for our church.  Pray that we have wisdom and that God’s timing brings about HIS man.  I look forward to see how God is going to honor our faithfulness!

Praying with you, in Christ,

Pastor Jeff