March 30, 2020
In order to follow the guidelines set in place by our President and the Governor of Louisiana, North Acres Baptist Church will remain closed through the month of April.  
We know Easter Sunday is coming but just like Christ arose from the grave, we will arise from this Coronavirus nightmare as well.
While we are not able to gather together and worship we still need to pray and love one another and give back to the church as God wants us too.  I am working daily from 12:00 noon until 2:00 if you would like to bring your tithes in to me at those times.  We will take every precaution to keep each other safe.  
The deacons are in constant contact with one another and are still pursuing an Interim Pastor for our church.  This has not been and easy task with the craziness of the world around us right now.  But they are working diligently on it.  
Remember to show kindness where you can.  Reach out to other members and keep them in your prayers as well as all of our deacons and staff.  
Always remember to Love God ~ Love People.
God Bless and just know I miss you all.