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Youth Ministry

In today’s culture it is easy to forget about what God did through Jesus during His time on earth, and to focus on ourselves, our goals, and our accomplishments. God has become a thought in the back of our minds instead of the Father that we strive to be more like. In 1 Corinthians 10 & 11, Paul teaches the importance of following Christ, as he has followed Him. Our lives should be lived in a way that our words and deeds point people to the saving grace of Jesus Christ. When God calls us to serve, and He has called all Christians to serve in some form, we are to listen to Him and to follow His leadership. Leading youth is about building connections with students so that they let us into their lives, their struggles, their achievements, and their dreams. When we take a genuine interest in their lives, we have the opportunity to be “Paul” to them. Situations that seem to be the worst possible or the best imaginable  could be situations we have experienced and could offer advice from scripture.

Here at North Acres, God is using these ministries to change the lives of students, their friends, and their families. We strive to offer students an exciting environment to fellowship, and learn the truths of the Gospel, the freedom we have in Christ, and the promises we have for the Future!


Come Join us:


Sunday Morning at 9:00 AM for Sunday School

Wednesday Night at 6:00 PM for Youth Worship

For students 7th-12th grade

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